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Leaping Up, Locking down

I struggled with my title this a.m., but not with content, for it seems to flood my soul, once time for reflection was allocated.  Had a great night last night, with a group of friends committed to my upcoming campaign, even to the sacrifice of personal resources!  Those are true friends.

Yes, life is even busier these days and early awakening is necessary if I am to have time for myself.  The Village is quieter now, the Comprehensive Plan tucked away for another day given the fiscal clamp down by those opposed to progress.  Yet, there are always means for accomplishing vision; one just has to look outside the box.  In this case, a run for County Commissioner, which affords continued communication of our vision and the need for attention to infrastructure in order to assure a sound tax base, even in lean times. That communication, as well, further engages surrounding municipalities in a shared vision that eventually will become a win-win for all.  Vision however, does carry a cost.

What does that have to do with my devotions this a.m.?  Ironically, I am just entering the Book of Luke and the phenomenal story of two women, one a young virgin who finds herself “with child” and her older cousin, who never dreamed of childbirth, both carrying soon to be prophets.

In fact, though only months into their pregnancies, their two children have already begun to communicate, or at least the spirit alive in the two women causes them to bear witness with each other, one baby even leaping in his mother womb!

Neither parent had any idea of the radical challenges these two gifts from God would eventually bring to society.  Nor did either envision the tragedy each family would inevitably face.  The one who leaped up in his mother’s womb would soon be locked down, for his untimely “truth-telling” at pivotal political moments.  Now possibly the reader begins to enter my own head space, and just why my interest piqued as a politician.

John is chomping at the bit while still in a fetal position and Jesus by the age of 12, is hanging around with lawyers, talking about the necessity of residing in his “Father’s” house.  Eventually, one would lose his head and the other forfeit an earthly kingdom long envisioned by his disciples; then falsely accused, would be sentenced to a grueling capital punishment.  The only fault of either leader was that they were more heavenly minded than their followers.

Not to sound self-absorbed but rather to process before entering my day, I must ask myself:  What will I do with my life that really adds value; how much will truth matter to me when pressed to the wall; and how deep will I penetrate politics before today’s challengers of truth pursue their spoil?

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