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John the Catalyst, for real!

This a.m. as I read about the beheading of John the Baptist, and a party thrown by Herod the politician, o current national fiasco came to mind. I found myself then contemplating the long term results of Toxic Charity vs Philanthropy.

Don’t ask me why scripture speaks to me this way, it just does.

Philanthropy is a true love for life, a desire for transformation. Toxic charity is a selfish need by do-gooders, throwing money and self directed efforts at people and problems.

Short term it may appear philanthropic, with of course a tax benefit or even public or political recognition! Long term it sustains the status quo, until folk long tired of only the promise of change, eventually reach a boiling point. Then comes the litmus test for true philanthropy vs. simple and selfish charity.

Rather than the self-righteous response of accusation, this moment requires listening more intently, laboring jointly, thinking calmly, strategically, and if necessary, funding more deeply.

True transformation is often preceded by chaos. Lasting change can only occur when the community at large has engaged leadership at a grass-tops level.

True philanthropy is the sister to solidarity, not the foe.

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