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Rights vs Responsibility (Part 1)

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

In my reading this a.m. the concept of rights vs responsibility was addressed. In the American culture, there are certain inalienable rights that when long ignored, may eventually leave those most underserved no recourse, but what appears as irresponsible anarchy.

With some exceptions, when folk have full opportunity, layered with generational privilege, prosperity in a capitalistic society seems certain.

Sure the old boot straps retort applies, but seldom is a turtle on top a fence post without some assistance.

However, when for generations, one's family narrative disproves this assumption of prosperity, a sense of responsibility to others fails to develop.

Self survival vs service and civility becomes a necessity.

When that occurs, the "haves", especially those who feel they have acted responsibly and by then have much to lose, cite this behavior as total and shameful irresponsibility on the part of the "have nots".

Neither end of the spectrum apart from civility can attain to a republic where equity and opportunity is balanced.

On either part, simply naming behavior as anarchy, irresponsibility or even privilege does not solve the problem, though a measure of all that may be the case. Something must give, often represented by the word reparations.

History demonstrates that once disparities have been significantly ignored, long debated, exasperated by generational and political negligence, that culture, in this case our republic, may set itself up for a gradual, yet seemingly necessary police state, if not all out civil war, apart from some fascist takeover by power players.

Now compound that with the loss of mobility brought on by COVID19, among folk accustomed to socialization at will, and thus a pent up emotion that limits rational behavior and human compassion.

Powder keg comes to mind!

We need to wake up, before we lose this democratic experiment, which the entire world at one point looked toward with hope!

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