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Politics & Religion

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Politics is often more about managing people groups and maintaining personal power, than justice for all.

Luke points this out prior to the crucifixion, when a religious sect turns to politics, threatened by one who is developing quite a following. Falsely accused, this man's life makes very obvious the hypocrisy of this ruling religion's departure from its once moral underpinnings.

So, they lobby their politicians, the first, Pilate.

He sees through their hypocrisy but doesn't have the courage to call their hand. Learning that Jesus was a Galilean, he shifts his responsibility.

Oddly, Herod had heard so much about Jesus, that he takes on Pilate's request. By no means spiritually inclined, he was simply hoping to see a little magic. Neither of these political leaders had enough moral courage to call the hand of these influential religious leaders, whom likely they behind the scenes manipulated to keep folk in line while they lived high!

Is this sounding familiar?

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