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Off the Rails But in His Plan

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

My “too early” morning read of Gen. 37 strikes me as one of the most pivotal moments in scripture, as well as revealing the way God works our weakness toward good.

Joseph, the “truth teller” to his detriment, brings a “bad report” of his brothers to a dad already having difficulty with his first born, Reuben who had slept with Jacob’s concubine, his other brothers’ mother! All the brothers, now turn on Joseph, plotting his death.

Perhaps Reuben sees this as a chance to win back his rightful firstborn blessing by protecting Jacob’s most beloved son, Joseph.

In so doing, Joseph’s life is spared but only to be sold to a band of Ishmaelites (remember Hagar), who transports Joseph into Egypt, where he advances to leadership and sets up the birth of Moses, followed by the famed Red Sea moment!

The Red Sea event sets the stage for a redemption narrative only to be fully revealed thousands of years later by way of the Lion of Judah (Jesus). It was Judah’s twisted idea to sell Joseph into slavery in order to avoid further conflict with the father, Jacob.

Oh yes, don’t forget the foreshadowing of Calvary in the subplot of the most precious son’s coat of many colors, dipped in blood, then presented to the Father.

You can’t make this stuff up!

If your life decisions have not always been good, take courage, The Father has a plan and your redemption is secure! You might consider sharing this with someone troubled by a life that seems to be “off the rails.”

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