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I Am Both Intrigued & Puzzled

This may sound a little arrogant at first, but the longer my journey, the more intrigued I become with this "first half" of my eternity.

If that word "eternity" sounds strange, then with all respect, you likely have a different perspective on life than myself, and frankly many others who believe that our spirit lives forever. Mind you that I am not speaking of my aging body, this "earth suit" which requires more attention with each year.

Rather, our inner soul with which we communicate daily by way of our brain, heart and gut...our internal GPS!

The puzzling part for me is that so few people with whom I speak have spent much time considering their full being.

Some even call such practice, "navel gazing", unless of course their vocation be that of the clergy. Even my clergy friends, a rather large network which represent quite a diversity of doctrines, usually have relatively guarded formulas that drive their thoughts.

For these reasons, my life experience relative to many seems quite privileged, when it comes to hearing from God and seeing things occur often to my favor, even imparted to others when I have prayed, some even physically miraculous.

With the cessationist beliefs now adopted by many, little such expectation exists, and what might appear to me as divine intervention is often attributed to luck, fate or some other avoidance language.

Yet when I speak of privilege, I can reference not only business ventures beyond my personal training, but physical miracles (though at times my prayers, like others seem delayed or unanswered), and even a couple comatose folk raised up while praying.

However, I'll admit that I have never seen a cold body raised from the dead, though in my mind not out of the question. I was even told convincingly of several cases where bodies were raised up, when the subject was broached during a visit with a professional friend in Ethiopia some years ago. I have prayed over several, though that was awkward!

I am puzzled that so few would push into the kind of life I have experienced. Perhaps that why the term "deconstruction" is so prevalent as folk, young and old, "Nones and Dones" now attempt to unlearn and relearn spiritual truths, given so few lives now manifest the works of Christ, beyond a profession of their diverse doctrinal "truths."

Maybe my intrigue is a gift, and when purposefully pursued, provides a privilege most simply pass by.

I am told that "God is no respecter of persons" and thus I trust you are challenged to pursue such privilege for yourself.

Think about it and I am happy to chat offline!

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