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Because of The I Am, You Am Enough!

As I ponder the release of "Finding Your Kingdom Sweet Spot," while reading through Exodus 3 (one of my favorite moments in all scripture), the "Here am I", "Who am I," "I Am that I Am" conversation seems so appropriate.

Moses, a man on the run is stopped in his tracks by a burning bush not consumed and responds only after a second call, "Moses, Moses!"

Hearing your name called out from outside your own thoughts by the voice of the One who is love, is stunning. Once we are stilled, the voice continues to probe the inner man regarding that unique calling, that piece of God assigned only to you.

Our typical response to a charge far beyond our preparation is predictable, "but who am I?" In virtually the same moment the conversation converts our words to "a Word..."I Am that I Am!"

In the vernacular, "We got this!" Trust that as sufficient for your day, your Kingdom calling, your life provision.

As to the title, I am married to a former English teacher, so that gives me some license and latitude. Have a great day.

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