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When Life Walks You Into A Corner

Great season of prayer this morning, what a gift!

For some years now I have been compelled to write, and with each book, another push, a loving nudge to think (write) outloud, unbounded, transparent.

My life has been so rich, relative to my early days which could have been devastating. God has a way of redeeming and working life to our good.

Now with three-fourths of a century behind me, I can solidly confirm that.

This is a season for capturing my victories, reflecting on God's goodness and submitting to the Spirit's care.

Yet in all that, this week I entered one of those Gethsemane moments, a "let this cup pass from me, if it be thy will" window given some recent news. However, even in that, a rich peace covered me, along with cause for a deep retreat into my faith, while simultaneously encouraged by a confidence of victory, all hard to explain? That is exciting!

Not many times occur when such is the case, in fact, precious few! As I prayed yesterday, I was reminded of the scores of times where obstacles could have prevented projects from coming out of the ground, and God came through. Most of those involved brick and mortar, or much needed revenue.

How does that relate? Millions of dollars of brick and mortar evidence now dot the ground, with occasionally a human life or eternal destiny altered along the way!

I am more meaningful to God that a real estate project, so now I am even more excited to see where this situation will take me.

Thinking of the song, "If it wasn't for the Lighthouse where would this ship be!"

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