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Body Language

Last evening I had the privilege of another zoom conversation spanning two to three generations of believers.

The conversation took a couple of meaningful directions, the first with regard to the language now necessary to carry forward doctrinal thoughts while affording a progressive revelation.

A skilled use of words that assures relevancy and practicality for theological concepts going forward. With each generation there has always been such necessity, with the text of scripture interpreted accordingly alongside of God's progressive revelation.

Yet, with that comes a perceived threat to the traditional concepts needing also to be passed forward, especially those now quite institutionalized and of necesssity foundational. Change is complex, for on one side a necessary caution and on the other the risk of denial of an evident advancement within God's Kingdom on this earth.

This morning as I read Paul's letter to the Corinthians, he at times quoted from both Isaiah and Job. Those two also ahead of their time. Yet Paul brilliantly lifts statements from them interweaving quotes that bring credibility to a message that stretches the boundaries of Judaism, yet affords a new work that even the disciples at times struggled with accepting.

Such scriptural insights provide us ample evidence that this moment of institutional transformation is not a Kingdom first!

With a knowledge base available today that far surpasses Paul's, we are far less ignorant in our understanding of the heavens and the earth. Just think if we denied our progressive understanding of the natural as much as we do our spiritual, where we would be as a species!

We now understand that even the trees have means of communicating! A mycelial network, also known as a mycorrhizal network, is a microscopic network of fungus that connects trees' roots together underground. The network is made up of tiny threads called mycelium that wrap around or bore into tree roots. 

Mycelial networks allow trees to exchange water, nitrogen, carbon, and other minerals with each other. They also allow older, more experienced trees, called "mother trees", to detect when their neighbors are unhealthy and send them nutrients. Some research suggests that trees can also communicate with each other through these networks. 

We truly are are a body spiritually with hidden connective tissue much the same. A union of unique individuals, forming clusters of cells, organs as such, a collective of giftings critical to the function of the Body of Christ.

This in fact is part of the challenge, in that our attraction for each other tends to initiate congregational gatherings, our greater mission soon distracted , if not sabatoged, limiting her Kingdom impact on earth, one that we are encouraged to develop "such as it is in heaven."

Our tendency is to settle into congregational preferences, soon leading to little more than scattered brick and mortar facilities. Facades that serve the saints and deprive resources otherwise free for serving those in need, the true demonstration of the gospel.

Sure, base camps for launching city transforming initiatives are necessary, but serving the saints was never the sole mission.

As I have said numerous times, with church campuses on almost every corner in America, yet with our nation more divided than ever, short maybe of the Civil War, God must surely be asking, "How's that working for you?"

This physical body of ours, similar to the aforementioned mycelial network has a gut that is filled with bacteria that serves similar functions as with the tree roots, aiding in digestion but also in discernment. The gastrointestinal network then communicating with the heart by way of our nervous system, as well as our spirit. It seems that our values are somehow nested in the regions of the heart.

The vagus nerve then connects heart and head, with the cerebral hemispheres driving our appropriate response without violating values, as well as managing whatever risks may be involved.

Just think of the impact were the Body of Christ similarly united and globally! Its denominational barriers removed, her access to economic resources no longer restrained by the enormous carrying costs of individual facilities.

That day may be upon us as the Body matures and her revelation progresses, as well as developing a relevant language capable of communicating a forward thinking vision to those who come behind us. Advancing the freedom found in Christ and releasing the love and provision that flows out of the Body!

Hear the hope!!

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