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Time Warps and Rewiring

It seems as if a full year has been packed into the last month, between an overly scheduled professional calendar, which I am trying to bring under control, the needs of a lifelong friend now requiring oversight and rehabilitation, my immediate family’s care (throw in a kitchen remodeling) and now the blessing of a beautiful first grandchild; it has been quite the harried thirty days.

My time of personal processing, which this blog affords, has been somewhat limited. My mornings have been continually anchored by the grace that enters through my devotional walk, not only with my ancient leather backed companion of scripture, but two other books that have seemed providential. Both books were offered by a friend who had been scheduled prior to my personal confrontation with my human limitations and have nurtured introspection, as I attempt to afford ample time for my ongoing miracle of rewiring.

If you are a first time reader, previous blogs will afford insight into this miracle, though my request of the Lord was not, at least to me, something novel, though very much needed. I have always believed God to strengthen me for moments of endurance and deep journey that for many would go un-attempted. Of course with that kind of life approach, failure or near failure is common.

Let me clarify that many have attempted and accomplished feats well beyond my own, and for those mentors I am grateful. So, my transparency is offered with humility, relative to my station in life.

With the enhancement of technology and as I my wife defines it, the addictive nature of social media, our lives have become non-stop. For a change agent, or at least one who grabs life by the throat each morning, this may set up an unreal expectation of winning. As stated in an earlier post, winning at times come easily but often requires warring, wounding and eventually the need for re-wiring.

Yesterday may have been pivotal given my recent prayers toward that end. My first grandchild came into the world, with new challenges and new energy afforded my genes! New possibilities for transference of long pent up vision for His Kingdom come, to this earth. Please, I’ll say it again, all my thoughts are offered with humble transparency though sincere and obviously vulnerable. My energies once given to career, income stream, even community mentoring have now been given new focus with the arrival of John Luther.

My wife and I found it humorous, given that the personalized license plate ordered on the week following my TGA moment arrived the same day as John Luther, and now have replaced the former plate, MAY-R.

As this day opens, I continue to offer moment by moment, prayerful opportunity to my sovereign Lord, that with each ill-thought word or misspent action, just as was the case with the spent cerebral cells of Lazarus, I become known to my family and friends as one REWIRED.

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