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The God of The Galaxies & Generational Promises

"But when the time of the promise drew nigh, which God had sworn to Abraham, the people grew and multiplied in Egypt." ‭Acts 7:17 KJV‬.

I've tried to escape writing each morning, but it seems so much comes to mind as I read, even given the constant distraction of house breaking a new pup.

As well, weaning my self off of a busy life style that has been so calendar driven is also a difficult distraction. My goal of late has been to reduce my availability to others, so as to give attention to my family, the two grands a high priority.

To my family's benefit and detriment, I have always been driven by an inner sense of demand to provide, something I learned from my dad. As written before in a book subtitled, "Pulling Out of Poverty", the previously intended title, "Owed to Dad" (a play on the word, Ode), I represent a third generation of blue collar workers who learned the hard way to scrap out a living.

Each generation in their own way entrepreneurs before the word was even known to them. They laid down a generational trajectory for me, each advancing as well in their escape from a Great Depression poverty that "stole" the family farm.

Mine was the first to gain entry into college, not based on intellect alone, though that too their gift by way of DNA. In hindsight, my entry was a privileged, providential placement, even the financial provision, previously unavailable to them. The latter by way of inside information about an entity called The Winston-Salem Foundation, the first in North Carolina and the 16th oldest community foundation in the United States. It was established in 1919 with a donation of $1,000 from Col. Francis Henry Fries.

I owe much to Mr. Fries and the late Henry Carter, the Executive Director in my day, himself as well an advisor at a couple crucial moments, when he took time with me for no reason, but that he cared about his community.

To his credit and others, my daughter now holds three degrees and is a successful elementary school principal. Catch my pride!

As the former superintendent, whom I once served often said, "When you see a turtle on top a fence post, you know he didn't get there by himself!"

I am that turtle!

This God of the galaxies that is also personally available to speak into our lives, somehow has proven a guide, one beyond dispute given the unlikely journey of this 75 year old. I have been privileged to serve in five different sectors, with opportunities now abounding to speak into upcoming generations. That is a debt that will never be quite paid, given the many who have spoken into and contributed to my own life.

Oh, being married to an English teacher hasn't slowed the use of run-on sentences, when I get excited as I reflect on the generational blessings that have framed my life, my daughters and now the future of my grands!

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