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Kingdom Ecosystems

I appreciate where the next generation of the Body of Christ is heading, Kingdom Ecosystems vs. mere Houses of Worship. Not that the latter has not served us well, but many have become siloes, losing significant market share.

I say market share because of a consumerism mentality that occured on we Boomer's watch. If we are honest, one came on Sundays more to get something for their survival, as well as to gather with like kind, than as a means of strategizing and collaboration for the good of their city, though often some small percentage of funds were allocated for missional work by a few sent out ones.

Language was often used to imply impact, though meanwhile, our neighborhoods and nation have become extremely divided, with a growing wealthgap now almost impossible to walk across if born in the wrong zip code.

The first time I heard the word Ecosytem used outside my science classroom was during a window of engagement with the World Futures Society by way of a local initiative entitled Communities of the Future.

It's odd to me that Creation should hold such imagery of the Creator and still be missed, though too often of necessity leaked back around to those deemed sacred by way of others viewed as purely secular. Think about it!

Either way, eventually we learn to follow the Way. The next few generations will have their hands full reclaiming the soil, but at least foreclosure has begun.

Credits: McCall & Halters, "Brave Cities."

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