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The Scarlet Cord

It has been some time since I have written; in fact it has felt as if that privilege was lifted from me?  I think it is strategic, so that this elder can better spend time editing and refining the hard copy now collected? 

This morning however, possibly given the season of Lent, and now Easter, I was moved again as I continue to read through the Old Testament.  The Book of Joshua is the motivation for me to work my way through such books as Leviticus!  This man of courage is one we should all emulate; even his name bespeaks the Messiah, Jesus.

I am always struck by the story of his sending only two men to spy on Jericho.  Why just two?  Maybe he learned a leadership lesson when he was a part of the twelve spies sent by Moses into Canaan.  Their adventure fail short of what it could have been, as ten of the twelve cowed in fear at the giants in the land.  Only two men, Joshua and Caleb en-couraged the people!  Victories do not come through numbers, but in truth and obedient faith.  

It was just before Canaan, that his mentor, Moses renamed Hoshea (Oshea, deliverer) this young son of Nun, to the moniker we all know as Joshua.  Maybe that assignment was to reinforce a lesson for young Joshua,  that it is not by might, nor power; that is, playing the role of deliverer, but rather, all things good are accomplished by His Spirit, often even apart from our bold efforts.  Thus new name, Jehoshua Jehovah –saved.   True leadership moments are life defining.

To me, the validity of the Word of God comes not from the fact that King James declared it as such, nor that it is the greatest seller of all times, but that it can speak to a person throughout their lifetime, in fresh ways each morning.  The text, as well as its author seem alive!

Yes, this God of Moses, became the Son of Mary and now forever intercedes; a scarlet cord let down through window of heaven, that we might come to know God!  He is alive and has conquered the grave. 

This season of celebration, tie the scarlet cord a fresh, in the window of your own heart, for He has overcome the world!

‘“Let it be as you say,” So she sent them away and they departed. “And she tied the scarlet cord in the window.”’  Joshua 2:21 NIV

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