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The Candle of the Lord

Walking through the Proverbs this morning, and came upon this intriguing verse 20:27, "The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, Searching all the inward parts of the belly." KJV

I am always amazed at how scripture can at times begin to feel so rote, my devotions mechanical after fifty years, and then BAM, something penetrates deep into the soul!

If you have read anything of mine you know my fascination with our three brains, the gut, the heart and the head; and yes, in that order!

My decade of focus on commercial real estate have verified that sequence multiple times. Always trust the leading of your gut, once weighed against the values hidden in your heart. Only then, should one begin to consider the risk required, a process best managed last, with the data stored in the brain between your ears.

All that is assuming your goal in life is to serve others; if so, sufficient provision and support will always be found. That's my twist on capitalism and calling.

Now, back to the proverb.

As I sit in this last quarter of life, it seems the goal may be to fully explore the past wonders experienced in the works I have done. I say that because my life has been quite wonder-full and quite busy!

In my multiple sectors explored, I have crossed paths with some of the most dynamic of people, the wealthiest of persons, yet finding equal quality in time spent with the poorest of poor.

My mind goes to the lady I met in Mexico who had raised her children on the perimeter of a large waste dump. Her income at the mercy of the landfill owner, as she and her kids picked up cans and other salvage from the nearby city, which he then weighed by hand, awarding her accordingly. My God, what a way to live, I thought as I spent time beside the tent in which they lived

I'll never forget her coming to our vehicle as we were leaving, offering me the best she had, by way of a sandwich for my nourishment. Someone asked if I dared to eat her somehow neat and cleanly wrapped, lettuce-like laden gift. I recall thinking, "why not, it's from her heart, which I have learned to trust!" I suffered no aftermath as a result, though my head was not driving my decision, rather my gut and spirit.

True spirit, can be felt as generosity regardless of financial means, and may very well be that "piece of God," the imago Dei asigned in our mother's womb. Our only true wealth.

Everyone seems unique in personality regardless of their faith. Yet, those stronger in their faith seem to better exude that which I call "spirit." True spirit enlightens our thoughts, energizes our passion, enhances our creativity. All that to me speaks of the One true Spirit.

Now you may see why the language used in this proverb caught my eye this morning?

"The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord searching all the inward parts of the belly."

Given my well seasoned journey, I can affirm this spiritual nugget, as I picture the Ancient of days with candle in hand, faithfully illuminating my inward being. That radiance assuring that in the most tedious of decisions, my thoughts are well sorted, ven ordered and for my good, as "we" patiently and jointly walk through my inward parts together.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life...a life that fears no evil!

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