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The Author’s First Post on New Web Site Technology (test)

Well, there comes a day when one has to bite the bullet and change!  Some of you have already commented privately on the appearance of my new web site.  Some think based on the writing, I finally got saved?  Actually, we are just trying a more convenient technology, one that will not require my young friend to be bothered by his old friend every morning.

I have also decided that the time has come to move on from reinforcing the point around the book Repo: The Church in Foreclosure ; the summons was served, its up to the “homeowner” now.  Although REPO is still selling online, the message has not penetrated as deep nor as far as I had envisioned; change is always slow!  Hope to get a few more speaking engagements out of it, in order to move the books in my garage!

Working hard on my next book, as well as to continue the dialogue among the next two generations now stepping into the church, adding some value I hope, at minimum en-couraging transformation.

My last blog entry was an aside to all that, but I continue to be amazed at what I read in the Word that I have not yet seen.  Again, my friend Oswald Chambers indicates that every time we read the text with the God fully released within us, He brings revelation otherwise lost when simply reading the text in some religious exercise.  I know that is true. 

Now having 60 years behind me, I have begun to think through my life into 9 sectors (seriously).  I am gaining insight and hope in what the Lord might be doing in me, in response to my prayers; a work that one day might offer sage advice to those new in the faith, as opposed to religious stories simply passed down from others?  I told you I was a dreamer.

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