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Technology, Ideation and Convenience

Sitting here this morning reading verses from a prayer guide as a participant in a church initiative. The guide was prepared for congregational focus as we move into another season of expansion.

I've been through several capital campaigns and with each a renewed awareness of the art & science necessary to bring people around a vision. With true generosity as the goal, it is a spiritual matter.

All that has intrigued me since pursuing a masters degree back in '85, with a focus on community and resource development.

As well, with 50 years spent in church, I am even more intrigued with how we believers are too often the early skeptics of the secular world, especially as I recall the early introduction to the digital age, the internet back in '87-88, and now the fears of AI!

Later, we are all convenienced by those very discoveries.

Today as I scroll through the recommended verses, taken from all over the biblical text, my thumb alone takes me where 50 years ago I first struggled just to figure out the sequence of these 66 books. Primitive thumb inserts were carved out on the thin pages with tabs to guide.

Now with my leather backed friend sitting beside me, almost as if she were feeling neglected, I not only have chapter and verse located within seconds, but all versions at my fingertips.

No excuse not to read and pray!

Thank you God, the source of all ideation provided, as it seems too often necessary to first use those who would surely scoff at this old geezers spiritual musings, given their awareness of the fearful suspect of we church folk!

Father forgive us, for we too often know not what we do!

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Good morning my friend hope you have a wonderful day

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