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This morning as I face a new day and new week with fresh challenges on every front, a word study comes to my mind.  As I concluded my reading in the book of Mark today, the text elaborated on the concerns of the women headed to prepare the body of Jesus for more appropriate burial. In order to access Jesus’ body, someone would have to roll away the massive stone which they would surely confront at the tomb.  However, when they arrived, the stone was already removed.  As humans we anticipate, even fear realities that are most often resolved long before we arrive.  Not that these challenges don’t exist; but, we are not alone as Christ followers, His spirit goes before us and leads us from victory to victory.

Some of my stones headed into this election, range in size from funding that is far out of my league, to the extremes of polarity that exist within the electorate, even among my friends.  These are stones that will require great trust in the days ahead and stamina in some cases, for not all these stones are static.  Some may come as missiles hurled in public view, from the pages of Facebook (one already this a.m.) to the numerous meetings where I will be rightfully vetted; even possibly served up as “red meat” by those angered by our present economic conditions.

How will I move though this firestorm, fed as well by eight candidates vying for only three positions?  I will rely upon the memorial stones stacked earlier on my journey, stones lifted from earlier Jordan moments.  Jacob like pillars erected in places previously wrestled through, with God and men.

This is the benefit of a long term faith journey, even when coupled with a few melt down moments. There are no lose-lose situations, just growth opportunities; seasons where the trying of our faith is the refining of our character, “much more precious than gold.”

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