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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

In my Saturday contemplation of the concept of scapegoating, I am struck by the fact that way before we had any psychological basis for understanding our "small self," Judaism offered us just such a ritual.

I then have to wonder, if religion is God's way of affording we creatures a means to walk into His loving fulness, with as little loss and agony as possible?

Yet, we come kicking, screaming and least in this moment it seems?

Religion really does model our behavioral needs and their remedy in such an obvious way, perhaps all that so our personal guilt and shame can be more easily managed?

Beyond the scapegoat, the demand of a Lamb without blemish, that unlike the scapegoat, was not released, but rather this bleating, innocent creature was slaughtered for our trespasses.

Oh, and then the Bethlehem thing, where God in Christ becomes the Lamb. You can't make this stuff up!

Can we not then believe that after such an amazing story, we are surely loved and forgiven?

Oh, and because of that should we not love, forgive and humbly serve one another!

The Kingdom of God is now among us, even in us. Don't miss living, being loved and the joy of loving others!

We are better than this moment!

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