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The photo above sort of captures my thoughts this morning. The balloons floating above the wing chair next to my morning devotional spot, brought over earlier by my grandchildren for my 75th.

In the background as well, pictures which my wife placed on the wall, reminders for me of our amazing family.

That's her dad peaking out from behind, as well as the grands holding hands on the beach. These photos serve as morning messages about our heritage, as well as reinforcing the responsibility for a faithful generational transfer of legacy.

It's been quite an intense journey the last couple weeks, beginning with the tear off of our hail-damaged roof after 27 years since building our home. This became a mile marker of sorts, given the likelihood of it being another once in a lifetime experience!

As we went about covering our accumulated attic goods, given the dust and debris anticipated from the hammering on the roof, we were also alerted to another reality. That is how much unnecessary stuff can accumulate in a spacious walk-up attic!

With reluctance, we filled waste cans and piled once thought valuables in the trunk of our car for a trip to Goodwill! Someone else could now share in our treasures!

We also decided that it was time to discard estate documents from LaDonna's parents, as well as those of a dear friend and nonrelative for whom we had cared. Seeing one's life remains taped inside of only one container for tax purposes is quite gripping! We worked through that, preserving only a few documents for posterity.

Then this morning as I was doing a quick search to determine our next step toward an inevitable sell and downsizing of property, installing replacement windows, I somehow saw a random video pop up on my cell phone.

I'm sure there is some technological explanation, though it felt quite providential given my earlier reflections. It happened to be an interview, recorded by a dear friend with her dad. He and I are only a few years apart in age.

Just listening to his heart for his family, his journey with the Lord and the generational heritage passed down to my friend ("you're not supposed to call names" he said several times, so I won't), this man possessed such character and wisdom.

As an African-American, he had walked through an era of injustices based upon skin color and survived, no he thrived!! His "testimony" was convincing, as he talked through his life story, one based on love, when hate would likely have been the response of many. His words, "four minutes of hate is too long!"

While I was listening to that recorded conversation, an email also popped up from a respected Economic Development professional, along with responses from a couple mayor's reflecting on a multi-community initiative, which we had jointly seeded some years back. We were apparently ahead of our times, though it is now finally coming to fruition, thus another rewarding moment.

Oh, and what a moment yesterday in our out-back cabin, as I met with three entrepreneurs regarding two commercial development opportunities, both with potential for social impact. One of them a long sought Kingdom initiative for a nearby city.

This fourth quarter is beginning with quite a bang, yet not without challenges! What a life God has given me! Now to keep my takeaway from my friend's interview of her father!!

"By humility and the fear of the LORD Are riches, and honour, and life."

Proverbs 22:4 KJV

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