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Power of Attorney

Much has been going on of late, not the least of which is the birth of our first grandchild, John Luther Jackson. In between sharing in the joy and responsibility of this gift from God, our regular life continues.

One of the privileges of ministry at this time is to act on a request from two friends in 1996. With no children, the friends asked that should we survive either spouse, we act as Power of Attorney (POA). That day occurred some years back when the husband was killed in an automobile accident and now, a few weeks back, the surviving spouse fell and was seriously injured.

POA is an interesting role, especially when someone is not even blood kin, with few relatives surviving. Making rational decisions while assuring the quality of life one’s friend has always enjoyed is quite a learning curve, especially when their resources are being threatened. Physical impairment late in life can produce safety challenges that have to be considered, but quite often not appreciated by those imposed upon. Factor in a lifelong friendship and the emotional loyalties friendship brings, and the POA can be brought to tears.

If you have read this blog previously, you know that I always factor life experience into my daily devotionals, even to the books I might be reading. This morning I found myself in an “aHa” moment, between scripture readings in both the Psalms and Hebrews and the three books I am now reading in tandem. All seem to point to the reality that I in Christ am,…you guessed it, His POA!

In moments where I feel awkward making decisions for my human friend and at times rightfully asked, especially among medical personnel, by what right, I simply show them the papers signed by my deceased friend and his spouse, and then act in their names, based on a covenant made between us decades ago.

Do you get where I am going? Jesus, The Name that is above every name has given me the right to act as attorney-in-fact in His absence. I am now empowered to speak in His Name, and am acting in good faith based on the documents provided (The Word). I no longer have to feel awkward, even if it is not received; providing, it is for the obvious good of the parties involved. I have been assigned POA.

Perhaps the greatest gift ever provided by my now deceased friend is the learning experience of being pressed into those sometimes taxing moments that require a discerning act of love and my best wisdom. I then execute that decision in the full confidence of the legal authority previously assigned. I trust the parallels are obvious, for you see, I now also humbly act out of love on behalf of my friend, Jesus Christ. That POA is based on the letters that assign a similar role in this present world, though those letters are now centuries old.

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