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Personality Types

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

All my adult life I have been fascinated with people and personality types. In fact, I am a easy sale for every personality inventory that comes along! Learning about one's self and learning from others is the best of "classrooms".

As well, if you've hung around me long, you know I am equally intrigued and a long time student of scripture. Yes, not only it has shaped my life but also it seems each morning, to reveal some new insight through those whose lives were captured by its writers.

Ironically Judas seems similar to myself, not because of the money and betrayal rap that seems to have stuck to his name, but his driveness around a strategic plan to actually help with Jesus' mission. Perhaps have your attention now?

In Mark's writings, (vs. 14:11) he is pictured as easy prey for the priest, having been promised money. Linked as well to his comments around the alabaster box and a better use of the asset of expensive perfume poured out upon Jesus. Yes, he was more prudent than that moment required, but 30 peices of silver for one whom he had watched do so many miracles? I cant buy that (no pun intended). That seems only the value that the religious had placed on this maverick man's life!

I think, knowing the envy of the High Priests and the impact Jesus could have, were he ever to have an audience before the Roman leadership, a moment where he could truly speak out, before those who could really make a difference...he had put together a plan.

No, it didn't go the way he thought. Now you see why personality types intrigue me. Judas didn't know how to seperate out his own vision for Jesus from his leader's true agenda, nor had he listened sufficient to absorb who Jesus truly was.

He was always preoccupied, driven, distracted by the strategic.

Ironically, he was sovereignly used in a world changing moment!

Imagine how puzzled Judas must have been when he realized what he had done and that what Jesus apparently spoke aloud at the "Last Supper" he had finally helped to fulfill. I wish the story had ended better for him. Maybe there are things we don't know? God is merciful!

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