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Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

“Great is thy Faithfulness oh Lord my Father!”

Here I sit with the sun rising, assuring us of new grace, a rhythm of redemption as we circle the globe.  The birds lift their melody unto the Lord.

What a life I live, abundance and freedom, while this same globe struggles with warfare, poverty, hunger and environmental ruin.  Much of that painful struggle I can literally feel encroaching upon our own nation, though again, I continue to enjoy the residual of our glory days.  The days of prosperity and global esteem in America seem to be eroding.

I am torn between the joy of the life God has given me and the peril I see coming to the generation who will follow me.  I should be silent and blissful, not ruining these few days we have left as the nation.  I cannot ignore what I observe: as we struggle to sustain the bliss, we sink deeper into debt, our leaders “fiddling” while we burn.

It’s not the politicians that can remedy our plight anyway (I may be one of them) but the pray-ers, those who know the Father and are living for the Son.  Yet where are they, who is crying out?  Where are those who are repenting for the sins of a church?  They have turned inward, sinking sanctuary with their own kind, versus providing solutions to the struggle, though our dear nation quakes.

I will continue to bless the Lord for what He has given me, but no longer travel the same journey.  The next generation deserves the dream of a righteous nation.  Yet, He is faithful to chasten our leaders and pastors if need be, as well as all who bear his name.

Maybe that is in fact what is happening in our nation?  If so, this very moment is a beautiful thing, for suffering and challenge will require us to draw upon the values that were first instilled in us by those “seeking a better country.”  Those whom the Book of Hebrews 11:16, declares as one’s with whom God is not ashamed to partner or be called their God!

When we stand up again in this Nation, not as a tea party, but as the Body of Christ, that will be a beautiful day!

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