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More Than a Cupful of Spiritual Nutrients

That title seemed appropriate as I traversed Hebrews 11 once more, and for at least the 50th time in my life. This series of verses was surely placed providentially in the sequence of the scriptures in order to provide a refreshing, as well as a new challenge with each read through the Bible.

Each verse seems cemented in my journey by way of memories, both of trials and major victories, as I read this listing of legacy players, with pivotal clips from these heroes, some closely befitting of moments from my own life experience.

True faith has substance and comes with convincing evidence if one remains hopeful! It provides a deep calm and a sense of righteousness from within, along with an awareness of Presence, sufficient to have framed the "worlds!"

In these verses one finds an encouragement towards diligent pursuit of righteousness and purpose, with rewards innumerable, as like Noah, they "prepare an ark" for the saving of their loved ones.

At times, like Abraham, wandering in a strange land, yet knowing the promises, we press on, looking for a city. Meanwhile, a lasting legacy is laid down, a mantle one day picked up by another.

"wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he hath prepared for them a city."

I need not mention the Hall of Famers that follow Hebrews 11:16, with their heroics setting a high bar for new believers, the Red Sea crossing, shutting the mouths of lions, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches, even at the risk of being the sawn assunder. In my early days, my ambition for God was impassioned by such words!

Like Joseph making mention of his bones, perhaps knowing they likely contained benefit by way of some residual absorbed along the way, I too trust that someday someone, perhaps a grandchild, or great grandchild decides to push the boundaries of their faith, even to the raising of the dead which to this day I do not count out as a possibility still!

So, I press on, each day dining anew at the table of His Word, awaiting the next victory!

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