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Kingdom Dynamics

How God preserves and keeps His people on this earth is revealed in many of the stories of the Old Testament.  This morning, one such story spoke to me as I read the book of Esther.

Three components of the story seem to build upon each other:

Mordecai’s walk with God

Esther’s Favor from God

God’s Omnipotence & Providence

In a time possibly similar to the holocaust in its formation, this despot, Haman had come to some station of authority by appointment of the King.  Haman had an attitude that Mordecai, a man of principle could not entertain.  Yet this tension was setting up a moment unforeseen by anyone, a time that would be critical to the survival of God’s people.  Little did Mordecai know that what he in his integrity had earlier done for the King would be used by God to set up a dynamic necessary for the salvation of the Jews? (See Ester 6:2)

All who have been “churched” for any given period of time have been exposed to the story.  That’s not my objective, but rather that we would be aware of and even expect such Kingdom moments in our own lives if we are to be “city-reachers”.

First that we walk in integrity with God in the marketplace of our lives, unyielding to the forces that normally sway our value systems, whether they be political, relational or financial.

Secondly, that we expect the favor of God and like Esther are willing to step into situations that are “over our head” when the Kingdom is at stake. 

Finally, knowing that when we like Mordecai have done what was best for our community, righteousness will prevail and even though our lives or livelihood may be in peril, even that we suffer short term, God is in control and in his sovereign time His Kingdom will come to our situation and to our cities.

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