Joshua 3:16

An interesting read for me on this Easter Monday, Joshua 3:16.   When the priests carrying the Ark stepped into the Jordan, a biblical symbol of death, the river dried up. 

Where?  “A great distance away at a town called Adam”.  The water was cut off from Adam to the Dead Sea.  Joshua’s greatest hurdle was remedied and what a statement to us.  The waters were blocked, not at their point of crossing only, but a great distance away, back to Adam!

The message tucked away in this ancient writ: Christ died for all mankind, for you and for Adam; descending deep into death to preach freedom to the captives, those Old Testament beleivers who formerly died in their sins, but had held on to the promise of a coming sacrifice.

Yes, the power of death dried up that day for Joshua and the fleeing Children of Isreal, but also a second and final time for all of us as well, when the high priest of all times, the Second Adam stepped into history at Calvary, over 2000 years ago.

You can read the “why”  in  John 3:16, an interesting numerical coincidence!

He is Risen!


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