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Having thought that my time of public journaling in this blog had ended, I had given myself to connecting these ‘sermonettes” for publication in an upcoming book.  However, once again this a.m., I felt the stirring of something beyond myself driving me to write once more.  I guess I love stringing my thoughts together or have a call to this moment?

My ritual of reading Chambers along with the Word each morning had been distracted somewhat by about five speaking engagements in a row.  So, I picked it back up this a.m. and in fact read the Wednesday entry on Thursday!  Guess God was not confused by my respite!

Incandescent was a term used by Chambers to describe a place of understanding that one must come to in order to honor God.  Basically the same principle as discussed in Paul’s writing, “It’s no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me.”

God could not use the Moses of Exodus though he was being positioned to deliver his kindred, until he learned the desert lesson that anything of himself he might attempt to bring to his struggling brothers would prove useless, frustrating or damaging.  It was not until he questioned all of himself as inadequate, that the “I Am” was able to overcome who Moses was, so likewise who “we am” must be lost in Him.

Something “incandescent” can only give off light when excited, energized or in the spiritual, anointed by another.  The light cannot come from the “filament” alone but does radiate with marvelous glow when moved upon by that outside source.  We are filaments, shut up in a spiritual vacuum until the Holy Ghost moves upon our being.  Yet, when stirred by the power of His Spirit our incandescence illuminates His Word and brings undeniable clarity to the reality of the I Am. 

One who has been used by God recognizes and longs for such moments.  However, we must never attempt to give light, nor bring solutions to the sinner, apart from His glory lest our pathetic attempts only frustrate the very one we hope to aid, our life once more being banished to the desert in need of a deeper work.

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