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Honking Geese

This morning in my devotional time, I heard the raucous honking of migratory geese overhead. Somehow my thoughts were drawn to Ken Blanchard, whom I had met personally during my coaching days specific to his book, "Lead Like Jesus." I had always been a "Raving Fan" during my academic years and leadership studies. So, meeting him one on one, and then hearing his own faith journey was quite the privilege.

You may recall from another of his books, "Gung Ho!", his use of the story of honking geese in reference to motivation. In the book, Andy Longclaw, a Native American shares, "Those geese fly thousands of miles every year," he says in the book. "They can move hundreds of miles in a day. They are truly one of the wonders of the world. And they do it cheering each other on every step of the way."

This so spoke to my reason for years of Cabin Talks, motivating younger generations toward the next Great Awakening, which I am less inclined to see as being sourced out of the church. The next more likely an outcome of the scores of emerging entrepreneurs from within the marketplace.

With each generation, there seems a growing distrust of religion, while an apparent deepening hunger for hope beyond one's own ingenuity. A deep desire to partner with their Creator in a moment when technology affords global access to immense knowledge, along with potential for connections that thrusts them light-years ahead of we Boomers!

If you are a regular reader, you my have noticed my absence from the blog these last several days. The last few weeks in fact, have been quite challenging, between MRI's and physical concerns, on top all that, a most intense moment post hail storm that required a new roof, gutters and now deferred yard work. My focus on this blog had been almost lost until this morning's honking of geese.

It's time to jump back in to both the blog and the Cabin Talks, perhaps even launching a video podcast, meeting with and encouraging the next generation, "honking" the Good News as an encouragement toward the next Awakening.

Church alone seems now insufficient, beyond a weekly refreshing, while capitalism is in her late stages and the wealth gap growing. With Isreal now under seige, the nations are on edge!

Perhaps the pattern of 500 year windows of reformation within the Institutional Church is now open, even past due!

This 75 year old is excited!!

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