God is Amazingly Persistent

These last couple months I have been busy assembling over one year’s worth of writings from my blog.  This electronic journal of early morning thoughts has captured my heart and energy, as I read back through these often hurried deposits of insight.  It is becoming clear that God is up to another book. 

I am somewhat embarrassed by the sentence structured and at times by the needless misspelled words that could might by spell–check.  As well, the random and often disassociated rabbit trails that I have gone down are becoming clear in my reread, each needing the advice of an editor, the elimination of excessive commas and exclamation points brought on by my excitement.

Yet, in all of this, God has been faithful to keep me writing, often at early hours before each day begins.  Now as I extract from this well of thought, a devotional book seems to be emerging that could encourage others to capture their own thoughts,  as well as to motivate further transformation among the churchmen who might pick up this book, presently entitled, Mind Bloggling!


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