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Friends Do Not Require Leverage

Crisis causes me to ponder my beliefs, not my faith in God, but rather my understanding of my faith practices. My faith has been tested and proven too many times to doubt. My observation of practices taught are more fluid!

I hear of global prayer, in fact just last night, and it seems we believe that numbers move the hand of God? God has proven over time to be my friend. Friends don't require leverage.

Then what is prayer? To me having spent much time in prayer, true prayer is conversational intimacy with God. Prayer doesn't change God, it changes me. In fact, at times, prayer turns on me, revealing my weaknesses...but always with that, true prayer provides remedy, insight, strength and spiritual power.

Corporate prayer at best affords a sense of my being a part of the whole, the Body of Christ. Mass prayer encourages the pray-ers.

When God does intervene in our lives (not always the case per my experience, though awesome miracles have I witnessed), it is as a Father, knowing all learning has been exhausted, and without The Father's intervention, Creation suffers loss. Often individuals are lost, but life is sustained.

In reality, lives are never lost, but simply transition from as promised.

"I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, there you may be also." Note that "I Am" phrase, when you tend toward dispare!

"Lo, "I Am' with you always!"

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