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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Each night of late, it seems my need for writing has been exhausted. I go to bed, and in my mind, I'm through with what has seemed a daily compulsion from deep within for words of transparency!

Then I awake, begin to read and realize that is not the case. Not only does the sun rise each morning, but also the Son in me, the Christ as I know Him, though I struggle with the Jesus of American Christianity.

I am now reading through the Psalms, and as always, other books that find me, as well as multiple digital conversations. Many outside the realm of Christianity.

At times I am challenged by the thoughts of those outside of my faith, as well as, concerned for the message of those most religious about their brand of Christianity. The latter often different in message, than the Christ I have come to know.

This morning I was reading the thoughts of Rabbi Harold S. Kushner by way of a book offered by my dear wife. The book is entitled, "The Lord Is My Shepherd." He writes of our struggle with pain and sorrow and cautions that religion can become no more than a "night light" of sorts as we journey through life's unknowns.

As well, a new acquaintance this year, a disenfranchised pastor who labors daily to communicate and convince his readers that the "Kingdom of God" as we know it is within us, not in some far off place awaiting us when we die. I often hear the pain of his heart, and the struggle in his head. In fact, if you throw in my orientation toward the sciences, I get that!

Religion has been our struggle since the garden, or our earliest evolution, whichever as a reader you choose to accept.

In all this ruminating, I take delight in the beauty of our being, to include the element of "gut," our third brain!

Thank God that our gut, by design provides just enough nuance to the rational mind, such that our second brain, the heart pulls us back to some groundedness, when otherwise we become locked into the most fearful and negative thoughts of our cerebral brain.

"If in this life only we have hope, we are of all men most miserable." (I Cor.15:19).

Likewise, if all we have is a reliance on religion, burning through this life's sufferings bounded by our irrational fears, never living out the uniqueness of ourself, never unpacking our "piece" of God, our personal calling, one so vital to His Kingdom come, we miss the true wonder of life.

Pardon my notorious run-on sentences!

"Both/and" is where I'll place my bets! Now, turn out that night light, and get some rest!

Further more, get a life! You are in good hands!

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