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I can always sense when a spiritual transition is occurring in my life, a truly transformational moment, a shift!

Such as it seems of late, after almost 14 years. Yes, it's been 14 years since I heard these words in my spirit, "My Church is in foreclosure," December 28, 2008.

Such a stunning "Word from the Lord" after decades of years invested in the Institutional Church and frankly for me at that time, within only one denomination.

After sharing the word with my Senior Pastor in the form of my first book, "Repo: The Church in Foreclosure," I was hoping that our particular church would not be lost. Now having watched for almost a decade and a half it seems that most all churches and the best of pastors have had to tweak feverishly to stay a float, while some have left the ministry, sold their facilities or lost them to lenders.

Let me just say, it's been a difficult Word to watch play out. Yet, the Good News continues; the grace of God has been there as we move into a new era, with a new generation, bringing new hope with new models. I am told that this must happen about once every 500 years!

As jarring, breath taking and at times soul wounding the journey, I am feeling new hope. Yes, be it COVID, political divisiveness, or the horrors in Ukraine, God always works to the good of those who are the called according to his purposes. Suffer as we may, generational transformation is at hand.

Feeling hope and I'm sure a new and refreshing balance in perspective.

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