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Are You Simply Wrapping Up Another Year or Preparing to Seize the Next?

Life is a choice of half-full or half empty!

This morning in my prayers, as must have been the case for thousands across this globe my spirit pondered this most recent year, reflecting momentarily on another window of time passed.  This year held the same number of days as before, but with each passing year, the apparent time available seems to diminish?  This year was no different, affording a brief but fully packed series of opportunities, my first book completed, multiple business ventures explored, some still pending, some tentative at best and thankfully a few completed and successful.

While some may have suffered severe blows in this economic downturn, our years of debt free lifestyle, though more frugal than others might desire, has paid off.  Our generosity, even when resources were meager, has provided favor and blessing that can only be summed up as the benefits of serving God.  I say this not to boast but to point out the virtues of a principled life.  To God be the glory!

The challenge now is to regain the energy required for the irresistible future that lies ahead.  Already I am considering political opportunities to better position my life for impact in my community, even within our state.  Praying for breakthroughs in areas seeded but not yet fruitful financially, so that opportunities yet unseen can be capitalized on and ministry needs that are already apparent can be provided for!

That’s what hope is; not some mindset that drains emotional energy, pent up in the elusive dream, but rather a real output of tangible preparation long before the breakthrough moment presents itself.  Like the ant that prepares for winter, the human prepares for opportunity.  Life is not about luck but rather preparation!  God guides and blesses preparation.  Luck alone can be fatal!

What are you preparing for?  How does your preparation align with your past?  Have you stopped long enough to connect the dots past and present, so as to assure that your preparation fits the trajectory of your life calling?

If this year has been less than desirable, have you begun to explore the probable points of departure from your life vision that could have provided cause for your life dilemma, reexamined habits that need to change, sought help so as to re-secure your future?

Life is a choice.  Though there are some victims of circumstance, most simply play out the results of their own decisions, good or bad!  Why not start today with a new commitment to Christ, openness to His Spirit, and take advantage of the wisdom afforded for planning the irresistible year that lies ahead of you.

Your choice!

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