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A Song for the Milk Cows, A Lesson for the Church

A Song for the Milk Cows, A Lesson for the Church

I was awakened early Sunday morning with a sense of relief that my long days of painful ridicule of the church were in fact over.  There also seemed to be a changing of my heart, to a place now focused on describing the true church vs. the one America has produced.  Obviously some of that old me is still in me but I want to be free!  I hope in the days ahead you will see the true writer behind this blog!

A writer who truly loves Jesus Christ, once again from my Gaither Days:

Since I started for the Kingdom

Since my life He controls,

Since I gave my heart to Jesus the longer I serve Him the sweeter He grows.

The Longer I serve Him the sweeter he grows

The more that I love Him more love He bestows

Each day is like heaven my heart overflows

The Longer I serve Him the Sweeter He grows.

Just as yesterday’s blog spoke of the Love Story, today I want to begin to talk about the potential power of the church.

In my daily readings, I am now in I Samuel Chapter 6, the story of the ark and its capture by the Philistines, as well as the drama around Dagon, the god of these idolaters.  The point that I took away from my reading was the phenomenal logic of these “godless” men, and the trust which their city leaders had in their own priests and diviners.

If in fact the ark had brought upon their city the kind of plagues being suffered, the vermin and tumors (I believe the King James uses the word emerods…get the picture?)…then returning the ark would certainly be in the best interest of their community.

These leaders in some twisted way demonstrated remarkable faith.  As the priests prescribed, they agreed to transport the ark back to Israel, but only in a way that would resolve whether or not their fears were simply superstition.  In our evangelical language, they would prove God!  God give us more men with this heart.

Hey, I too am struggling with using the Philistines to demonstrate men of faith…yet these men demonstrated more logical faith than the Church of today and we are the ARK!

They would simply take a pair of milk cows,  which  had never been yoked together, both with un-weaned calves; take away their calves, hook them to the ark and if in fact they not only pulled together, but left their calves behind, it would have to be God thing!

What if our Christian priests offered such radical solutions to the leaders of their own cities and God stepped up to the plate for us?

“Then the cows went straight forward up toward Beth Shemesh, keeping on the road” (no bucking and carrying on) “and lowing all the way; they did not turn to the right or the left.” I Sam. 6:12

That’s powerful to me.  They put God to the test and He came through.  He probably even put a song in the milk cows’ hearts!  God give us leaders and pastors with powerful logical faith!

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