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A Place in Christ Alone

My struggle continues this morning possibly rooted in my life objective of high impact and legacy.  Not to sound arrogant or assuming, but the most important thing in life for me is not comfort or possessions but rather making sure that my life counts.  Time, relationships and the use of those two most valuable life assets are critical to me. 

Possessions are only the tangible manifestation of how we have stewarded both time and relationships.   Human capital and the compounding of one’s time will eventually determine a person’s true possession of life and the quality thereof.  Financial capital sometimes follows, but is simply a means of legal tender, used for the purpose of nurturing relationships and transferring one’s acquired capacity to others.

Why am I troubled, the return on investment of my life!

Early in my adult years I experienced a radical moment with Christ.  I knew He was alive and I have definitely known His love.  The next step in my life post that moment, was not as clear but seemed to be evolving through the church, as I was encouraged by the leaders I began to meet through church.  My assumption was that all that I would hear through those speaking on behalf of Christ would be truth.

I then began to pour my life into serving those individuals, mimicking at times their life behavior as I had desired from an early age to offer my life to the One who had been so faithful to me and to my family.  I had been taught from an early age that the means for this offering would be service to and through the church.

Was I wrong in my motives, I don’t think so, was I misled by the means, I now know so.  Could my life have been better spent or was this journey necessary so that I could participate in the transformation once again critical to the Body of Christ?  I am assuming the latter and this week has only added a sense of urgency.

Leadership is critical to change and change must keep pace with culture if truth is to be heard.  When leadership becomes political, responds to the masses or errs for the sake of money, culture suffers loss and truth becomes jaded.

That happened this week in our city, thus the trouble in my spirit and the urgency of my heart.  Yet, each new place in life only reminds me of what a long life has taught me.  I have nothing to offer if I simply follow the crowd, act out of tradition or simply long for security.  True and lasting impact only comes when one is willing to stand alone if need be and that stance can be rational only if one has first been alone with Christ!

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