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A New Puppy and Pilate, Both Have Their Issues!

I was up early this morning, walking the new pup before dawn. Hoping she would be more productive during the first hour than of late, but she chose three trips out and two full hours before a full trigger release.

Training a new dog requires devotion, you think you have rounded the corner, then you walk through the house and find a deposit in a corner!!

Again, wondering what I have gotten myself into!

In between potty training the pup, I must attempt to work in my morning read.

Now in the last few chapters of John, I find myself again pondering Pilate. I'm always intrigued by this fellow, as he so represents the fickle nature of we human beings!

Uhmmm, humans are not that different from pups!

He has just been approached by those who had arrested Jesus, somewhat inconvenient for them, as they were kicking off a special celebration called Passover.

They could not afford to miss out on this very meaningful religious custom should the be defiled by some untimely involvement with a dead body, though in this case, murder was their motive.

They are attempting to off load their victim on Pilate. After all, he had crucified numerous political prisoners, no problem. This one certainly qualified, as he had claimed to be the King of the Jews! Well actually, they had previously bribed enough people to testify if necessary so that their charges to stand. Well planned in fact, as Judas found out!

This Jesus fellow had become quite a problem, pulling off miracles in a way the priests could not match, distracting folk, the sell of sacrifices was down, posing a threat to the revenue stream of their religious industry.

Pilate was certainly open to an audience with this man, though skeptical of the Hebrews in his charge.

Even though he and Herod did not get along, he surely had heard of Herod's rumoring that this man might have been John the Baptist, raised from the dead.

When he finally agrees to entertain an audience with Jesus so that the chief priests can get back to business, he asks Jesus about his claim to be King of the Jews.

Jesus' response, "Did you come up with this, or did others tell you?"

Pilate quickly seperates himself from these religious fanatics, "Am I a Jew," so as to say, do you think I care what they think! He likely knows this to be a trumped up charge.

"What in the world did you do to provoke them?" Jesus then also differentiates himself from them by stating that he is from another kingdom, to which Pilate, now further intrigued, responds, "So you are a King!"

Jesus senses Pilates vulnerability, similar to his moment with the woman at the well. "Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice."

Pilate dodges the confrontation and revealing his distrust of all truth, likely due to the corruption in the political hierarchy to which he had sold his soul. "What is truth", he retorts as he quickly leaves the room. Conviction was burning his heart.

He addresses the priests awaiting him outside, "I find no fault in this man!"

He then shrewdly appears to buy into their religious custom by offering the release of a criminal as a part of their celebration. That should clear his troubled mind!

They then twist his offer asking instead for Barabbas. No way is he going to release a known murderer and seditionists! Unbeknownst to both parties, prophesy and providence is working against them!

Pilate then surmises that might simply scourge Jesus, even allowing the brutal soldiers a moment of mockery, then perhaps that will be sufficient to quiet the religious and afford his release.

This doesn't work either, as a crowd has gathered, now hungry for blood!

Pilate is sensing not only personal conviction, but when he renter's the room with his well beaten victim, a Presense seems to grip him as he is still pondering the words earlier spoken.

As well, the crowd is chanting something about blasphemy, that not only had he professed to be their King, but had claimed to be the Son of God!

When he brings this along with the very real threat of crucifixion Jesus responds differently than anticipated. Could it be that he is the Son of God?

Pilate is now ready to follow his heart, that is until the Jews threaten his friendship with Ceasar. His true values kick in, as this could cost him his position and possibly his own head!

He delivers their victim to be crucified.

However, Pilate cannot get Truth out of his soul, requiring a sign be posted above the head of the one crucified, JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS!

They wouldn't own the truth, but the truth now owned Pilate!

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