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Your Offspring Will Do Better

As I daily contemplate my life and the lineage passed down from early Depression era days, both my financial success and the grace I know in Christ was delivered upon the toil and life experience of others. I am grateful.

Grace seems a generational work, as I still have my moments, though best I try.

My evangelical upbringing has taught me to try more than to trust!

Those sins that so easily beset my forefathers and followed into my own life will hopefully be shed more easily by my offspring and their children's children.

Abram found it hard to shed his weakness, though a founder of my faith. His son, Isaac cleaned up his mess (redug his wells), though Isaac's son, Jacob still struggled with God. Yet, that struggle soon birthed the dreamer, Joseph and afforded the Lion of Judah, Jesus of Nazareth.

Don't be so hard on yourself, trust the process. If so, your offspring will do better than you! Mine have!

"There is both pardon and empowerment." Quote stolen this a.m., thanks, Alan Wright.

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