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"Yes, I Saw That Post But I Never Read It!"

This blog title was taken from a comment made during a recent conversation; another Cabin Talk with a few young Christ-followers. All seemed engrossed in what I was sharing, and then when I mentioned the content of a former blog post, one responded as captured in the title above!

The big message here may be that though my younger cohorts truly desire time with me, and I dearly treasure that privilege, they prefer real face-time over written script, a distant second being digital, preferably video, moreso than words that require any relatively long reads beyond 7-8 minutes!

All seem hungry, even starved for processing life, pulling from any wisdom embedded in my life-stories during our sometimes multiple, one to two hour encounters. It ain't church, but it is spiritual, and has practical value in their marketplace and relational alignment with peers.

Again, don't get me wrong, I love each moment of time with these 20-50 year-olds, but its hard for this Boomer to grasp that hardcopy is now so antiquated. I am usually much more content in my reading with physical pages in hand, rather than some backlit Kindle or e-book.

Oh, and I prefer wide margins to write in, though not sure how many times I really review those one-liner thoughts that seemed so urgent at the time they were jotted down. It's just my learning style but times change and leaders adjust!

My Millennial, Gen Y & Gen Z audiences are now recommending that I use YouTube or Podcasts for sharing.

Mercy me, I am almost fear-gripped at how often my facial language betrays me on video, such sterness, the look I offer when I think and speak spontaneously, not to mention the tears and snot when emotion grabs me.

Oh, and this frugal 10%'er would likely need to purchase new shirts, the kind that have paisley print or otherwise colored inner-linings, visible from both neck and inner-lined cuffs, designed to fold up the arms, thus creating a more business casual appearance. Politicians wear them when they stop in for photo shoots at small town BBQ joints! That ain't me!

Sounding a little snarky but that's just me humoring myself, as I think through what my fourth quarter journey might require! I do wear skinny jeans now!!

At least I am considering it all of the above, as it seems I have something to say, given that with each conversation these same next-gen leaders want to know when we might meet again, and soon! I guess they sense both my passion when sharing and the hope they offer me, given the challenges facing society and the growing mistrust of our institutions!

As well, though money, nor self promotion are my objects, I do desire an expanded audience for any wisdom gained over the years, and with the grandkids, time is ever more precious.

Don't be surprised if I set up a studio in the cabin!

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