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When My Science Mind Is Whirling!

As I continue my journey through Matthew, this particular window of the Gospels, chapters 14-17 hold powerful insights into the spiritual truths behind the illusion of matter and energy. AHa's impossible for the disciples to comprehend, yet not so unreasonable given today's knowledge base!

Mind you, this is in no way my attempt at diminishing the wonder and amazement of these "miracles", though to me all indicative of the nature of this Galaxy Creator who had now become flesh!

These few chapters encapsulate an other-world-like portal moment, overlapping the natural with the supernatural, and heightening the intensity building around this remarkable man, Jesus.

Cousin John the Baptist has now been beheaded by Herod, son of Herod the Great, the politician who had earlier ordered the death of all two-year-olds. You may recall the threat perceived when Herod's dad was visited by those "following the star."

Surely, Jesus could feel his time on the planet was limited. Yet when he tries to communicate that to his main-man, Peter shows out in such a way that Jesus aligns his resistance with Satan himself!

Shortly after Jesus had recieved word of John's execution, Peter and the disciples were sent away by boat, likely a strategic allegory to communicate Jesus' own inner storm. This would also serve to further flush out Peter's emotional tendencies, affording his "walk on water" moment, and exhibit the power held within Nature's Master, the One now among them!

In these few chapters as well, the record of the feeding of five thousand, then again seven thousand, as Jesus further defies the laws of nature, all preparing Peter! We are literally watching Jeremiah's Potter at work.

Witness the crafting of foundational moorings, later necessary for the Rock upon which the Ecclesia, the "called out" ones, the Body of Christ would be established.

As foretold in 16:28, Peter will soon witness a Transfiguration, as the Creator of the Universe further steps up his game, this time far beyond his earlier multiplication of fish and loaves. Here, joined by Moses and Elijah, the physical body of Jesus manifests a radiance likened unto some de-atomization moment. Perhaps the very energy that held is cell structure together, leaked as light, his face glowing!

This could very well have been a prelude to what later appeared to be an ascension into "the heavens", with his physical body disappearing into the clouds. Paul's "third heaven" concept clearly implies the limitations of science in their day, yet sufficient wonder provided to drive their hearts toward hope and a hereafter!

Given their limited knowledge of the atmosphere, the galaxies, I can only imagine what was going on in the mind of this human, providentially selected to witness a truly transformational moment.

I love how God in Christ, so miraculously stupefied his disciples, all the while knowing that centuries later, science would unfold sufficient understanding for us to know this as much more than simple wizardry. The Creator of the galaxies had been among us!

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