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When Morality No Longer Compels Responsibility

This morning I was listening to a friend express his concerns for politicians. Men and women responsible for the largest economy in the world, yet they seem to have no long range plan for balancing our budget, thus stemming our growing national debt, a literal ticking time bomb!

These men and women elected based upon a promised impact, seemingly spend their precious time in daily bickering with little resolution, be their concerns budgetary, immigration policy, crime, education, etc.. Sure there are sufficient negotiations across the aisle to sustain the circus, but it seems even that is done in a fashion so as to create a deeper drama, one adequate to assure their tenure. That is immoral!

Meanwhile, those who could truly bring resolution to many of the issues have learned to avoid the political arena, thus the obvious deficit of leadership which once assured the health of our republic. Those who could restore the system have learned to steer the corruption to their advantage by way of the purse. That too is immoral.

Prior to listening to my friend, I had just read the story of John the Baptist, as captured in Matthew's Gospel. It seems that this Judean prophet had such an impact upon the top politician in his day, that when Herod heard of the "mighty works" of Jesus, he supposed that the one whom he had beheaded had returned from the grave!

That's moral influence!

Yet, Herod's weak morals as reflected in his lustful desires for a younger dancer, caused him to violate even his own deep respect for John the Baptist.

Can you imagine if our country had such spiritual leaders in and around the governing bodies of our today, not simply political bedfellows, gullible religious leaders lured into alliances, equally hungry for power.

As I read this morning, reflecting upon our country's plight, the parallels were staggering!

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