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Visionary and Controlling, Can both Characteristics Dwell Together?

It may seem odd to think as I do, but while reading an article about the bizarre interaction of a tiny particle in the presence of a large mass, within the context of Quantum Physics, this post was born.

Can a leader be both visionary and controlling with their outcomes being truly transformational?

Reflecting on several large projects in my journey, having interacted with some truly visionary leaders, hindsight causes me to believe that control not only limits the immediate impact of one's vision, but invariably the long term possibilities otherwise seeded by the visionary.

A true leader understands the necessity of inclusion of others and as Einstein termed it, the "spooky" changes that occur when two bodies regardless of size and distance apart interact...the Butterfly Effect some call it.

Limited in my understanding of quantum physics, I have now watched for significant years the down stream impact lost when leaders become excited about a vision, yet feel the need to protect its execution, either out of a true desire for excellence, or unfortunately, felt overtones of ego.

Vision isn't vision until it seizes the hearts and minds of others. Along with that comes a morphing of ideation, that may need sheperding for quality purposes, but that "spooky" period often takes a truly visionary concept to the next level, one previously unseen by the original owner of the idea.

Don't become so impressed with your gifts and callings that those who could take your leadership to a quantum level, find no place for participation in your dream.

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