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Unsightly Hairs

Warning: The content of this post may be offensive to some. While shaving this a.m. I was taken aback by an over one-inch long hair growing from my ear lobe. How had this gnarly, black strand grown to such degree without my notice?

I know what invasive ear canal hair can be like as one ages; and, I make it’s removal a part of my grooming each morning. Yet, this one had obviously missed my attention for days.

I’ll admit that a lot has been going on in my life, but to miss something this noticeable? My wife, when asked, was so kind as to declare she had not noticed and thus perhaps neither had others.

You know where I am going I trust? Just as something this distasteful can occur without notice, so I suppose may the blind spots in our life; however, with much more serious repercussions.

Just the point of my prayers these last few weeks. Lord, remove the maverick hairs of my soul; re-wire this mind, condition this aspiring sage for further impact and maturity.

After removing the hair with one quick stroke of the razor, my morning dilemma was over. Though such quick remedy is often not the case for long neglected character flaws or ill-gotten leadership behaviors, we can still take heart in God’s commitment to our full redemption and His eye for excellence, as He daily grooms our souls.

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