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Two in One Day

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Seldom do I attempt two blog posts in one day, but with time in the mountains, in between wrestling with my grandson on the bed this rainy morning, fresh thoughts began flowing.

After all, I am excited as my most recent book is now available and my 6th now in process.

These are the best days of my life, not only because of the joy of our grandkids, but also a sense of inspiration to write (still crafting the skillset). All of this truly brings out youthful reserves and at times, what silliness remains.

However, if you have read any of my writings or heard me speak, you know there resides a bone-deep serious side, with an intent toward impactfulness in terms of what truth I might finally convey, my deposit toward legacy. As well, this fosters the occasional run-on sentence that gives my copy editor reason for being (my reference to silliness) reality, my need for her creativity as she gleans from my posts, hopefully a means of bulk for my next book!

One of the writers whom I follow, is now also in what he would call a late-stage in life, and active in critical deconstruction of things learned over time. His writing, some of which I differ with, reinforces my need to be clear. My evolving spiritual insights are evident, at least to me, as I look back over notes scribbled in the margins of the multiple bibles now shelved in my study.

It's apparent that my thoughts have matured, absolutes are fewer, and I trust my discernment, which seems now better aligned with the Spirit's progressive revelation, and hopefully holds more relevance in today's culture than things bought into earlier in life.

My earlier mentor-teachers seemed more focused on establishing some fixed dogma (not all bad), but in doing so reinforced a seemingly fixed, fear based, literal interpretation of the biblical text.

Breaking out of this by way of personal deconstruction, reveals the marvelous mystery of this ancient script and the necessity of a fresh experience with the Creator. A true conversational comradery, paraclete-like companionship that is "new every morning."

In my earlier post this morning, I alluded to aging and its challenges, none that cannot be overcome by faith, or eventually by death itself. The latter not a fear of mine, as death has been conquered, her sting removed, now only a minor transition, such as a friend made on Tuesday.

Yes, I was somewhat stunned this morning to read of a thirty-eight year-old friend with whom I had lunch with onlytwo weeks ago. Neither of us would have dreamed that our short lunch meeting would be our last. In fact, we were texting just this week as to when we might get together for some Cabin Talk. He apparently suffered a massive heart attack while running this week. If ever a person was excited about God, it was Andy. RIP my brother.

Again, my concern is not death but rather being "fully used up when I die" as written by George Bernard Shaw. High impact is the goal, not just in terms of personal gratification, nor my immediate family alone, though I must admit a priority.

"World changer" is a term easily thrown around, but in fact is entirely may recall "the Butterfly Effect, the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere."

My vision for the Cosmos can be summarized in two words, true community. Relational capital and appropriate alignment of giftings within a prayerfully constructed ecosystem, which only compounds our capacity for change.

Now I'm feeling a little awkward and presumptuous, but I believe this is the reason behind biblical language like Kingdom and the imagery communicated through such concepts as the "Body of Christ."

We all represent unique pieces of an incomprehensible, inexhaustible God, pieces never again assigned to another, yet each critical to God's Kingdom come. Cells of organs, that when insync (common unity) are vital to the Body of Christ, the Presence of God on this planet. Yet as individuals, by grace, we walk this earth for only a moment, though providentially participating with the heavenly host, reverberating righteousness.

That's potential!

My piece complimenting yours, and if delivered, creating ripples through our neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, state and nation. As the Psalmist once wrote: "Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession."

Though it is not difficult to point out error in this hyperpolitical moment, there is a reason parents and family members will risk death, walking through rainforests, deserts, hostile territories and even swim rivers laden with barbed wire to bring their children to America.

This my friend is that layered, providential, global impact of which we are a part. Our task is to contribute while we live, passing along the blessings that come from the Being who's name we speak each time we inhale and release our breath, YAHWEH!

Have a great day and be the WORLD CHANGER you were created to be from within your mother's womb!

Selah, twice in the same day!!

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