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The World Needs Oxygen

"...we live in a material, random universe, so that we, too, are primarily physical objects that need material things to be fulfilled."- Michael Nagler

Being older has its benefits. As I listen to the stories of multiple generations, and now observing the outcomes of 4 generations myself, it is evident that the further with drift from a belief in a Higher Power (I must be inclusive per my point), the less we become of personal and unique significance on our globe and the galaxy.

If no reason for being exists outside of some random birth and survival, then satisfaction is more about getting and having than sharing and loving...ultimately greed wins and war is gain.

Competition as a motivator vs. unpacking one's gifts and callings for the sake of mankind is not a pretty picture long term.

If you have a faith story, share it! The world needs "oxygen" right now!

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