The Price of Hatred as a Political Strategy

Tonight I continue my slow read of Howard Thurman's, "Jesus and the Disinherited."

The writer cautions of the fruit of hatred, sharing stories of people taught to hate, often a prediscipline for war. Hatred veils one's integrity in such a way as to allow them to do things to individuals, which they would never otherwise think of doing.

As well, once that hatred is released, it can longterm become uncontrollable, providing a dark cover, a less than righteous justification for things done even to those once loved and respected.

Troubled for a nation divided by its political leadership. Leadership who care more for personal power than greater good. These false leaders are content to point fingers, so as to knowingly breed disdain; a necessary price to stay in, or regain their political office.

However, their strategy is short sighted as to what such pent up hatred will eventually bring to our nation; one now perhaps long departed from her spiritual moorings.


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