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The Madness in America

I awoke way too early this a.m., just too much in the moment I guess.

I'm somewhere between an aging grandfather who desperately loves his grands, too old and independent to care about ridicule, a Christ follower with some hint of discernment, or simply one who thinks too much?

I really can't get my head around how we got to where we are as a nation.

A soaring national debt, now for decades shared across both party lines. Dysfunctional governance, with politicians who ride the rails of rapid partisanship, raising ridiculous sums of money in order to stay in office.

Though with average intelligence, we continue to allow these elected representatives to take us from election to election, with no regard for common sense, or the troubling economic status of a staggering numbers of families. Families whose offspring have lost all hope of the American dream, apart from revolution and anarchy.

Ironically, (no, shall I say shamefully), those immigrating through hardship unimaginable to the native born citizens of America, seem to do far better over time, than those who grew up under the banner of this great land.

Back to the halls of congress, civility is language only, with back room deals made not for the purpose of positive change, but to sustain power and undermine the opposite party. Bickering and blame then used as fodder by this band of co-conspirators in upcoming elections. It has already begun again, by those who lost position in the last election, the most divisive moment perhaps since the Civil War!

History doesn't bode well for such republics.

Meanwhile, the spiritual life of our nation, the essence of our humanity, seems readily sacrificed to the gods of materialism and greed, masked by an allegiance to capitalism, while staring down the gun barrel of an unsustainable wealth gap.

I am neither communist, nor socialist...btw, that threat too is strategic to sustaining this madness.

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