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That Next To The Last Post Attracted Much Attention, Was It Momentum or the Mention of LaDonna?

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

You don't have to answer that, but I do appreciate feedback, either as a direct comment below or a private email.

My objective over these last couple years has been capturing my life learnings, so as to filter out a more practical spirituality. I have found and lived in my Sweet Spot and yes, it still includes congregational gathering and public worship.

However, for the purpose of another book, these blogs were a selfish means for ruminating over my past, while holding me publically accountable for my thoughts, as I am subject to feedback!

Along the way each morning, it has afforded new aHa's, perhaps overlooked in the fray of active service. Yes, I am intentionally slowing down.

So, I appreciate you, the reader accomodating my stream of consciousness approach to the journey, as I have now searched through decades of spiritual experiences, recapturing those that have added value to my service in public education, the church, three municipalities, the real estate world and yes, loving my neighbors!

Given the growing suspect of religion as I have known and practiced, along with the diminishing buy-in to the institution of church, my goal is finding an alternative to things practiced solely for the benefit one's spiritual growth. My target is not the well-churched, nor a means of encouraging the De-churched to return, but to demonstrate the practical value I and others have found in maintaining a sound spiritual walk while being fully engaged in the real world.

Actually the Kingdom of God is the real world, and yes, the Kingdom is among us. One's occupation, place of abode, financial reserves and material assets mean little unless there is some added dimension to life beyond our toys!

If that dimension exists, it should strengthen our abilities, our gifts, and our access to powers far beyond the practice of mere Christianity or some religious discipline.

That power was the evidence that launched the original following of Jesus and the People of the Way. It was the demonstration of that power, which they brought along with them, not only in their moments around the temple. In fact, those were often chaotic, as they were a challenge for the institution in their day as well!

I would love your feedback, your stories of how this has played out in your personal journey.

For those who have spent time over the years in relationship with LaDonna and me, it would be helpful if you would consider sharing candid thoughts, lessons learned on our journey together.

I would love to then use your stories, along with extracts from the blogs as content for my next book.

The working title now falls somewhere between, "Spiritual Practicality and Late Stage Capitalism"; another suggested, "Christ-Centered Community Development for the Religiously Disenchanted"; or even, "How to Turn Your Cities Upside Down!"

Working titles are simple concept guides, always abbreviated. This should be fun!

By the way, the photo above was a Valentine's Day card from my dear wife, the year we launched out on our own with a faith-based for-profit we had named, Master Counsel, Inc.

Hope you will consider weighing in,

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