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The Gift

Above all else experienced in life, the one thing that I cherish is the awareness of my chosenness.  That may well ring of arrogance to those not having pursued their own calling, yet that cannot be my excuse for failing to share the joy of being called.  I truly believe that all are chosen, but not all chose to live into their choseness

My reason for writing this morning is a part of that calling: to convey an understanding of being called and by celebrating that reality, encouraging those who come behind me.  For those who recognize their calling and begin to act accordingly, there is an immediate back pressure, not only from others who chose to be “un-chosen” but also from the unseen spiritual, the real world.

We are spiritual beings on a human journey, the latter quite perilous, unless prompted by those who dare to be different.  Daring it is, for to do that, I must first believe that I have experienced something worth passing forward; worthy of the risk of rejection and the price of loving.  Perhaps the energy to push into that opposition comes from a knowing deep within my chosenness, that this too is an act of grace.  Accepting that grace, may then liberate the ordinary; and once liberated, joy and thanksgiving then compound the sense of calling.  Its neither driveness nor obligation but it surely demands selfless effort toward others.

How does a gift, a calling feel?  It is ever pursuing, not in some annoying way, but rather a sense of presence, like a good friend.  It is there when I awake in the morning; it is there after a long day, when I have failed.  It is an encourager when self-doubt causes one to lessen their self, to cowl beneath the rightful dismay that comes when we look at ourselves apart from the grace that affords the gift.  It is not I that live, but Christ in me.

Once awakened to this perspective, my self gives in to what He desires to share through me.  Personally that manifests in my writing, as I process a deeper challenge in my inner person that has emerged as I pray and prepare for my day.  I listen and am moved to see…vision, for my community, my family, my church and yes, myself.  With vision comes a compelling need to express that vision, not for personal benefit, but for those whom Christ would love through me…the gift.

This morning, that subtle nudge to write, not about something new but to articulate the wonder of His gifts.  To dare transparency so that those gifted, and yes, those more gifted might be moved to introspection, acceptance and then expression of their own giftedness.

A gift is not a gift until it is given.  A gift cannot be given without risk of rejection, though that has more to do with the insecurities of the recipient than the validity of the gift.

Privilege, humility, contribution, sage…my desire.

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