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The Fourth Man


In my current read through Richard Rohr’s book, The Divine Dance, and given this awareness of my own mortality, along with my limited truly lasting impact thus far, I seem desperate to better understand this thing called spirituality.

Rohr has refocused my thoughts around the Trinity, a Christian concept of a Triune Being, One God in three persons.  Rohr actually implies that our limited understanding of the Trinitarian Theology is part of the problem, in a day when we know so much about science and yet have communicated so poorly the Godhead.  I can only recommend that one read the book, rather than any poor attempt to consolidate his thoughts into one page.

What if we have misconstrued this concept and rather than One Being in three distinct parts, it is Three Beings becoming One?  In other words, it is about a current and ongoing relationship of love between those whom we know as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, being One in purpose; and in fact now, we, Creation being the fourth invited into the circle?  Was Calvary our divine invitation, a full demonstration of the love experienced by the Trinity, destroying all of sin’s need for sacrifice on our part in order to participate?  Perhaps now, the only way not to participate in this fierce love for creation is to opt out, to go our own way.  Is that what true loneliness and lack of purpose is really about?

As I pondered this challenging paradigm shift, my thoughts went to another place where three were together and a fourth showed up, that fourth man was “like the Son of God.”  That description didn’t come from a modern day Trinitarian but from a pagan king named Nebuchadnezzar, and long before Christ!

Why were there three men in the fire?  Why did the King blurt out such a statement, now forever captured in scripture?  Was this somewhat unrelated story actually a subtle demonstration of the Trinity’s purpose: protecting, restoring, and returning all creation back to full relationship with our Creator?  The first Adam now and forever fully participating with the second Adam; the Trinity became flesh so that we might join in the Trinity!

Could our rational objectivity be preventing our full participation in this Divine Dance, mankind back into full relationship as the Four In One, now so perfectly in communion (another Christian concept) that even in the fire of these perilous times, we are not singed!  Doesn’t that sound more like love than a God who would threaten Hell if you do not respond?

Why would anyone opt out?  I hope you’ll dance!

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