The Eve of Christmas and the Father's Intent

I sit here early morn, the eve of Christmas, reading the Passover requirements in the Book of Deuteronomy. My heart is impatient, awaiting my daughter, son-in-law and the grands. I must think of the challenge it was for God to hold back on the incarnation until that moment of highest impact!

I sense a heart toward freeing all Creation, one buried beneath mankind's intense religions, with their obligations of appeasement and laborious sacrifices. The Father's participation in religion being only to assure that those ceremonies, though per the prophets, of little benefit to God, would indeed prepare us all for that great and sudden incarnation moment!

We are told that a thousand years is but a day with God. Yet, this day, as a Dad, seems a thousand years coming, and surely my love pales beside that of the Father!

May your Christmas celebration be a time to personally absorb this abundance of love from the Father, who is alive in all Creation and holds thousands of galaxies intact, yet awaits just that perfect personal Christmas moment with the one He!


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