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The Certainty of a New Day

Quite early this morning, as I looked out the window toward the east, given a somewhat restless night, there was little question but what the sun would rise. It has happened in the same place every day of my life. Creation serves as testimony to the grace of God! New every morning!

Yet life is far more complex, perhaps by design creating a holy tension in which we live. Dependency may be the word I am after? Given the phenomenal mind that we human creatures possess, the sense that we can figure out anything and in fact, can do anything that our minds set out to do, may also be a part of that design. The Psalmist declared, “We are fearfully and wonderfully made!”

How marvelous to have the freedom and capacity we all possess, and yet we all have our limits. However, once we reach our limits, we have only to cry out in desperation and somehow, hope arrives. The Son rises!

The older I become the more aware I am of how much my faith has grown. Growth means change. Had my bone structure stayed the same as my muscle tissue grew, I would be quite the freak by now. So my belief structure has also changed, as I have matured in Christ.

I am at a growth spurt again, and like my early adolescent years the growing pains are real. As my spiritual bones pull at the ligaments of my doctrinal beliefs, the muscle tissue of my relationship with God is stretched. Muscle was made to be stretched, a concept I learned in physiology class. A gastrocnemius muscle, the calf muscle of a frog (poor guy) would be attached to a mechanical device and that to a weight. The muscle would stretch but not tear. When an electrical current was passed through the muscle it would contract, lifting the weight. With each jolt and stretch the amount of weight lifted was increased.

So it seems with my spiritual life and personal capacity as I age. Life has its shocks, stretching our belief system, yet the capacity to bear life is amazing. Meanwhile, each day a new dawn, a new promise and another stretch!

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